Hi! My name is Kiah Kane and I am a communication designer.

I graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, in Vancouver Canada, and studied for a semester at Istituto Europe di Design in Barcelona, Spain. I currently work as a Display Coordinator/Artist at Anthropologie. My design practice is influenced by my passion for photography, illustration, print making, industrial design and architecture. My personal work focuses on  embracing chaotic processes to create unexpected outcomes in mixed mediums.



Top 10 for the Young Talent Award, from the Rijks Museum Amsterdam.

Anthropologie Displays  

I am currently working as the Display Coordinator/Artist at Anthropologie. My role involves  planning, designing, resourcing materials, building, and installing displays for the store. I get briefed on the concept and head into planning and prepping for both window and interior displays at the start of each season. Here are some of the works I have made so far, and some insight into my sketches and prep.

“Where sky meets sea” window landscape was inspired by my favorite beach in Portugal. The window aims to bring awareness to cleaning our ocean of waste. Most of the window was built with scraps for my studio, garbage from around the store, and my co-worker's homes. I refrained from concealing the “garbage” to bring the viewer's attention to it. The window prep involved: building a stretching a 14ftx7ft canvas, mural painting, collaging, sculpting foam 3D birds, creating faux bois pillars, and more.

“Here comes the sun”  window display focused on utilizing the sun as a tool. The window consists of over 70 cyanotype prints of leaves and flowers. This was my first time working with cyanotype at such a scale and quantity. In addition to the cyanotypes, I constructed some 3D hydrangeas from paper. I painted the backdrop to have the traditional cyanotype borders and with a variety of opacities, then added cyanotypes and hung the hydrangeas in a wreath shape.

“Gifts of every stripe” holiday window was an exciting concept where animals were shown delivering gifts. We chose to build a zebra with his scarf blowing in the wind, delivering gifts.  This holiday season we stepped away from the more obvious color pallet of reds and greens and focused on the pinks supported by blues. The window also has a glass border meant to look like the edge of a stamp, which was another reoccurring note throughout the season and store.

In addition to the window designs, I transform the interior of the store every season. This often inclues: murals, large signage, building shelves and tables, hanging displays and more. 

Rijks Studio Award 

“Sculptural Hygiene” was my submission to the Rijks Museum Amsterdam, studio award. The brief utilizes their online gallery of museum pieces called the Rijks Studio. It invites creatives to remix there digital ized collection into something else. One offered outcome is the opportunity to sell your creation in the museum’s gift store. My creation was focused on the guests of the Rijks Museum and their desire to bring home something from their visit.
“Sculptural Hygiene” brings the Rijks Museums sculpture collection into the bathroom of its visitors, and their loved ones. The collection showcase a variety of different artists and styles, to represent a wide range of personalities and decorative styles.

This design includes a “sculptural stand” which is a scaled replica of the original sculpture. Then there is a toothbrush which is wrapped in a matching texture or pattern. The toothbrush sits in the matching stand, to create a seamless, new sculpture.

The project brings art into an often dull space and brings joy to an often dull chore.

My submission was selected as one of the top 3 desings, for the young talent award. 

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Fresh Sheet Cookbook

This book challenges the traditional photo and illustration cookbooks, by excluding these elements. It uses typography to express its message and personality.

The publication is printed on newsprint with a risograph printer, and coil bound. This gives the book a nostalgic quality when flipping through it.

The design is inspired by my Oma’s collection of cookbooks, which were straightforward, systematic, and fragile. From this inspiration, I added personality with my choice of typeface, Jaune. This typeface is cooky, playful, and slightly uncomfortable. Jaune started to influence my original designs and pushed for more unconventional chapter openers, and the use of transparency.

I see the final design as balancing the line between my Oma’s mass-produced recipe booklets, and a children’s coloring book. Hopefully giving the reader a playful experience through typography and clarity through the grided system.

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Studio Peal Logo & Website design 

Studio Peal is a new design studio out of Vancouver Canada created by Lauren Thu & Zara Huntley.

“Peal is a design studio created to address the lack of platforms for critically minded design work in Vancouver, BC. We see opportunities for inquiry in everyday routines and discarded endeavors and use design to explore new understandings of our past, present, and future. We value projects that are left with fringed edges as we believe unfinished projects allow more opportunity for equitable participation. We see the future as something plural and participatory, and we make projects that help us define this.”
                                            ~ Lauren Thu & Zara Huntley

I was hired to develop their logo, sort out their visual identity, and design their website. The studio is new, therefore it doesn’t have a developed portfolio. This meant many long conversations getting to know each other and the future of their studio.

After exploring many possibilities, we all decided on the logo you see here. We tried peeling every letter, a mascot, filled letter, and other typefaces. Because the studio does not have current projects to show and are uncertain about the future project, they wanted the logo to be able to work in whichever direction their project heads in. So instead of being inspired by their work, the logo is meant to represent their collaboration and combined personality. It is simple, curious, and versatile.

Under the logo designs are a couple photos I shot and directed, inpired one of their quotes,“peeling fruit that isn’t ususally peeled.” 

*more coming soon 

Fusion Fitness Rebrand

Fusion fitness is a book written by recognized fitness professional Helen Vanderburg. She is expanding her is a fitness program into an online platform of videos.  I helped the “fusion” brand refresh their logo, and expland their brand ideneity.  

Here is here logo and some thumbnails used on her new platform.