Hi! My name is Kiah Kane and I am a communication designer.

I graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, in Vancouver Canada, and studied for a semester at Istituto Europe di Design in Barcelona, Spain. I currently work as a Display Coordinator/Artist at Anthropologie. My design practice is influenced by my passion for photography, illustration, print making, industrial design and architecture. My personal work focuses on  embracing chaotic processes to create unexpected outcomes in mixed mediums.



Top 10 for the Young Talent Award, from the Rijks Museum Amsterdam.

Rijks Studio Award 

“Sculptural Hygiene” was my submission to the Rijks Museum Amsterdam, studio award. The brief utilizes their online gallery of museum pieces called the Rijks Studio. It invites creatives to remix there digital ized collection into something else. One offered outcome is the opportunity to sell your creation in the museum’s gift store. My creation was focused on the guests of the Rijks Museum and their desire to bring home something from their visit.
“Sculptural Hygiene” brings the Rijks Museums sculpture collection into the bathroom of its visitors, and their loved ones. The collection showcase a variety of different artists and styles, to represent a wide range of personalities and decorative styles.

This design includes a “sculptural stand” which is a scaled replica of the original sculpture. Then there is a toothbrush which is wrapped in a matching texture or pattern. The toothbrush sits in the matching stand, to create a seamless, new sculpture.

The project brings art into an often dull space and brings joy to an often dull chore.

My submission was selected as one of the top 3 desings, for the young talent award. 

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