Hi! My name is Kiah Kane and I am a communication designer.

I graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, in Vancouver Canada, and studied for a semester at Istituto Europe di Design in Barcelona, Spain. I currently work as a Display Coordinator/Artist at Anthropologie. My design practice is influenced by my passion for photography, illustration, print making, industrial design and architecture. My personal work focuses on  embracing chaotic processes to create unexpected outcomes in mixed mediums.



Top 10 for the Young Talent Award, from the Rijks Museum Amsterdam.

Studio Peal Logo & Website design 

Studio Peal is a new design studio out of Vancouver Canada created by Lauren Thu & Zara Huntley.

“Peal is a design studio created to address the lack of platforms for critically minded design work in Vancouver, BC. We see opportunities for inquiry in everyday routines and discarded endeavors and use design to explore new understandings of our past, present, and future. We value projects that are left with fringed edges as we believe unfinished projects allow more opportunity for equitable participation. We see the future as something plural and participatory, and we make projects that help us define this.”
                                            ~ Lauren Thu & Zara Huntley

I was hired to develop their logo, sort out their visual identity, and design their website. The studio is new, therefore it doesn’t have a developed portfolio. This meant many long conversations getting to know each other and the future of their studio.

After exploring many possibilities, we all decided on the logo you see here. We tried peeling every letter, a mascot, filled letter, and other typefaces. Because the studio does not have current projects to show and are uncertain about the future project, they wanted the logo to be able to work in whichever direction their project heads in. So instead of being inspired by their work, the logo is meant to represent their collaboration and combined personality. It is simple, curious, and versatile.

Under the logo designs are a couple photos I shot and directed, inpired one of their quotes,“peeling fruit that isn’t ususally peeled.” 

*more coming soon